The Ackermanns

Tim and Kate Ackermann & Family have roots stemming from the Ackermann Corner Grocery, established in 1911. This market, founded in South Madisonville on the corner of Bramble & Whetsel, specialized in Grocery, Bakery and Confectionary items until the 1950's. At this time, a young gentleman, Andy Lehr, added a Meat Market within the Ackermann Corner Grocery.

In July of 1960, Andy Lehr with Don Ackermann on board, opened Lehr's Meats in Milford. Don Ackermann (Tim's Father) bought the business in 1983.  He expanded the scope of Lehr's Meats by opening the State Liquor Agency, and adding the Beer and Wine store in 1991.  Lehr's has continued to see growth and success over the years...  ultimately being voted #1 Best Fresh Meats for Grilling in 2010.

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