The Homans

Allison Homan & Family, Kate & Tim's partner, also grew up in the butchery and specialty market business, although in Wisconsin as opposed to just around the corner. Her Great-Grandfather's business, Boehm's Market, located in the Fox River Valley of Wisconsin was established in 1895 and initially specialized in Prime Meats, ultimately morphing into a full-service Specialty Market. They were forever known for their homemade sausages, cut-to-order steaks and customer camaraderie.

Her Grandfather, Howard,... 2nd generation Boehm's Market, was actually recruited to be the first Supermaket (Piggly Wiggly) in Wisconsin but respectfully declined. He couldn't understand why anybody would want to shop at a large impersonal store as opposed to a specialty market where everybody knew their name, their families and their preferred cuts of meats.... We Agree!

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