Lehr's Prime Market catering is casual and completely customizable specifically with your needs in mind. Check out our sample menus.

Displays & Trays

48 hours notice would be much appreciated

Lehr's Prime Market offers a variety of food trays for your parties including: meat, cheese, vegetable, relish, fruit, cocktail shrimp & finger sandwiches


Fresh Vegetable Tray


The best ot the season, every season! Our Fresh Vegetable Variety is aesthetically cut & beautifully displayed. Served with our chef's PRIME Veggie Dip!

Small  Tray     (10 - 20 ppl)     $30.00
Medium Tray   (20 - 30 ppl)   $50.00
Large Tray   (30 - 40 ppl)   $70.00

Domestic Cubed Cheese Tray


Assorted Cubed Cheeses and Cracker Assortment. Simply super!

Small Tray     (10 - 20 ppl)     $30.00
Medium Tray   (20 - 30 ppl)   $50.00
Large Tray   (30 - 40 ppl)   $70.00

Domestic Cubed Cheese & Meat Tray


Assorted Cubed Cheeses and a variety of Cubed Snacking Meats, including chef's choice of Summer Sausages & Pepperoni. Appropriate Cracker Assortment.   

Small Tray     (10 - 20 ppl)     $38.00
Medium Tray   (20 - 30 ppl)   $63.00
Large Tray   (30 - 40 ppl)   $88.00  

Deluxe Hand-Cut Cheese Wedges & Cubes Tray


Chef's Choice of Hand-cut Deluxe Cheeses & Domestic Cheese Cubes, are served along with a Deluxe Cracker Assortment. Beautifully displayed!

Small Tray     (10 - 20 ppl)     $42.00     Add meats: $50.00
Medium Tray   (20 - 30 ppl)   $69.00   Add meats: $82.00
Large Tray   (30 - 40 ppl)   $97.00   Add meats: $115.00

PRIME Relish Tray


Assorted  UNIQUE PICKLED and RELISH yummies, including but not limited to: Pickled Baby Beats, Dilly Beans, Snap Peas, Assorted Pickle Variety, Olives, Red Pepper, Corn, Green Tomato Relish, Mushrooms & More...!

Small Tray     (10 - 20 ppl)     $40.00
Medium Tray   (20 - 30 ppl)   $65.00
Large Tray   (30 - 40 ppl)   $90.00 

Finger Sandwich Triangles


Superior Meats make Superior Sandwiches... Generally Bigger is Better but in the case, Petite is Prime! 

Your choice of:  Lehr's PRIME Roast Beef, Schad's Ham or Amish Turkey with Swiss, American or Provolone Cheese, Mustard, Mayonnaise, Chef's Route 50 Spicy Mayo OR Smokey Horsey Sauce.

Consider adding Red Roma Tomatoes &/or English Cucumbers on Klosterman's White or Wheat Bread -- UNCRUSTED!

Small  Tray     (10 - 20 ppl)     $45.00     Substitute Servatti's: $55.00
Medium Tray   (20 - 30 ppl)   $75.00   Substitute Servatti's: $90.00
Large Tray   (30 - 40 ppl)   $105.00   Substitute Servatti's: $125.00

Munchie Meat 'n More Tray


Assorted PRIME Salami's, Sausages, Pepperoni & Snack Stick Bites, paired with Domestic Cheeses... cubed & hand-cut, with a unique cracker assortment, all aesthetically displayed!

Small Tray     (10 - 20 ppl)     $45.00
Medium Tray   (20 - 30 ppl)   $75.00
Large Tray   (30 - 40 ppl)   $105.00

Marinated Meat & Cheese Tray


Chef's Choice of appropriate Cubed Cheeses, Salami and Pepperoni Mix, along with a Mediterranean Olive Blend and Mini Corn, all seasoned with a specially infused Olive Oil Blend. MMMMMmmmmm!

Small Tray     (10 - 20 ppl)     $45.00
Medium Tray   (20 - 30 ppl)   $75.00
Large Tray   (30 - 40 ppl)   $105.00

Fresh Fruit Tray


The BEST Seasonal Fruits, Domestic & Imported are beautifully displayed and complimented with the Chef's own Fruit Dip

Small Tray     (10 - 20 ppl)     $45.00
Medium Tray   (20 - 30 ppl)   $75.00
Large Tray   (30 - 40 ppl)   $105.00

Shrimp Cocktail Tray


PRIME Cooked Shrimp, Chef-made Cocktail Sauce & Lemon Wedges artfully displayed on a garnished tray.

Small Tray     (50 shrimp)     $60.00
Large Tray   (100 shrimp)   $120.00

PRIME Meat & Cheese Deli Trays:*


Each of these PRIME deli trays is comprised of only the best meats and cheeses available. AND... we can say that with commitment and confidence!

LEHR'S PRIME MARKET has very intentionally decided NOT to carryjust one brand or line of deli meats and cheeses.

YES, keeping with just one brand of meats and cheeses would be very convenient BUT, it would not be in your best interest and it would not be PRIME!

Instead, we have carefully and pro-actively taste-tested all the premium deli meat and cheese brands available.  

It is with years of experience and great care that we have chosen our deli selections.
As it turns out we have selected primarily local purveyors.
All of our meats and cheeses on our PRIME Deli Trays are local, gluten-free, as well as hormone and antibiotic free.

The PRIME Roast Beef is cooked at LEHR'S by one of our seasoned chefs!

The only exception to "local" is our Land-O-Lakes American Cheese... it's hard to find a better American! 

SO.... enjoy the following MEAT & CHEESE DELI TRAYS, or stop in for a Deli or DELUXE PRIME HOT SANDWICH. You won't be disappointed! 


  • Schad's Ham, Bernard's Turkey
  • LEHR'S PRIME Roast Beef or Hard Salami
  • Amish Swiss & Land-O-Lake's American Cheese 


  • French's Yellow Mustard
  • Spicy Mustard
  • Mayonnaise
  • Chef's Route 50 Spiced Mayo
  • PRIME Horseradish Sauce 
Small Deli  Tray     (10 - 15 ppl)     $80.00     ADD Klosterman Bread & Condiments: $86.00
            SUBSTITUTE Servatti's $94.00
Medium Deli Tray   (15 - 20 ppl)   $110.00   ADD Klosterman Bread & Condiments: $120.00
            SUBSTITUTE Servatti's $130.00
Large Deli Tray   (20 - 25 ppl)   $140.00   ADD Klosterman Bread & Condiments: $156.00
            SUBSTITUTE Servatti's $168.00



PRIME Cheese Display: $3.25 pp

(difficult to do for fewer than 50 people)


This uniquely gorgeous display includes chef's selection of Unique Imported Cheeses and Prime Domestics in Wedged, Hand-cut, Log and Cubed dimensions.

This foundation is complimented with elements that vary but generally include:

  • simple sweets
  • minor meats
  • nuts and mixes
  • hummus and/or chutneys
  • a unique cracker assortment.   

The PRIME display includes granite, slate and/or wooden slabs, terraced pieces, mercury glass and/or brushed aluminum serving pieces and MORE.

This display must be set-up by LPM staff and promises to be the centerpiece of any cocktail or dinner party or any milestone moment.

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