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Cooking Tips: Beef Tenderloin, Prime Rib, & Standing Rib Roast

November 8, 2019  |  Cooking Tips

Whole Beef Tenderloin, Prime Rib & Standing Rib Roast too!

1. Allow the meat to come to room temperature… approximately 1 hour.

2. Rub with seasonings of your choice.  

May we suggest: 

St. Elmo’s Seasoning?

 OR…  You might try our Herbed Salt and freshly Ground Pepper OR  one of our many other Spices.

3. Let the beef rest for an additional 15 to 20 minutes after seasoning.

4. Preheat the oven:

Whole Tenderloin @ 400 degrees

Cook for approximately 

12 - 14 minutes per pound.

Prime Rib OR Standing Rib Roast @ 

350 degrees - approx. 16 min. per #

For Medium Rare… 

(tastiest but not recommended by USDA)

the internal temperature of the meat should register 115 degrees when the meat thermometer is placed into the cen-ter of the cut of meat.  When you achieve this internal temperature, take the beef out of the oven or off of the grill and allow to rest for approximately 10 to 15 minutes.  Medium Rare doneness will be achieved when the meat registers 130 to 135 degrees AFTER RESTING. 

Don’t forget the Horseradish Sauce!