Steaks 'n' Handshakes

Published in Edible Ohio Valley's Holiday/Winter 2019 Issue

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12 of Our Favorite Butcher Shops

"This Milford institution has been beefed up by new owners Allison Homan and Kate and Tim Ackermann (who took over in January 2014) into a true one-stop shop, from the abundant meat counter to the 20-tap growler bar (there’s even root beer on draft for the kids), with more than 1,000 wines, produce, and a solid snack and grocery selection to boot. But at its heart is the butcher shop.

Most of the meat is sourced from Ohio and Indiana, and the chicken and pork are cage-free. All beef is 'grass-fed with a grain finish,' according to Homan. 'We no longer hang cows in the back, but everything comes in [as] sides or primal cuts, then we cut it down. We can cut any meat to order.' Alongside a variety of cuts in the meat case are prepared options (including chicken stuffed with asparagus, roasted red pepper, and provolone). Stop in on a Friday for brisket, half chickens, and slabs of ribs from the smoker out back. Oh, and the 'prime' in their name? Lehr’s selection of Prime beef comes from the same purveyor that supplies Jeff Ruby."

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