Lehr's Prime Market Has An Impressive History But A Finer Future With The Transition Of Family Ownership!

Lehr's Old Photo
Boehm's Market

Lehr’s Prime Market continues to be FAMILY-OWNED but now by 1 FAMILY.. the HOMAN FAMILY. Allison Homan remains at the helm and the rest of the family works hard to make Lehr’s Prime Market the best that it can be!

We so appreciate the previous families contributions (Lehr’s and Ackermann’s) and continually look forward to growing the Market with the on-going incorporation of Allison Boehm Homan’s history stemming from her Great Grandfather’s Butcher Shop (Boehm’s Market) established in 1895 in the Fox River Valley of Wisconsin. Her history, coupled with innovative new products and procedures, creates a unique formula of old and new world dynamics.

Allison Homan has been the managing partner of Lehr’s Prime Market since 2014.  Under her guidance, the Prime Market has maintained it’s local Milford following but now proudly entertains many new neighborhoods due to our honored traditions, exemplary customer service, contemporary creativity and transformation! This includes updated equipment, aesthetics and practices.  Check out our new Meat Cases, Seafood and Produce Cases, Growler Bar and Enomatic Wine Pouring System. Skilled butchers, CIA-trained Chefs, a Level II Sommelier, a Beer Baron, Customer Service Experts and the Best Associates Ever, round out our team.

Simply, today we are a Family Owned High-End Old Fashioned Butcher Shop and Specialty Market with a Contemporary Twist. The Market has been in business and has enjoyed a loyal following since 1960 under the auspices of Lehr’s Meats; Lehr’s Meats, Deli and Catering; AND finally, since 2014, Lehr’s PRIME Market.  Honoring the “Old” and incorporating “Innovation”  has been our forte’.  Customer excitement and word-of-mouth has been our strongest ally!

The Homans pride themselves on Old-Fashioned Customer Service and Practices but have been accused of being “On-Trend” as well.

“Small shops like Lehr’s are still standing - thriving, even - in an age of big box retail. Homan (Allison Boehm Homan) took the reins (at Lehr’s PRIME Market) just as consumers awakened to the notion of knowing where their food comes from. For conscientious meat-eaters, the quality of the product, the treatment of the animals and the transparency of the supply chain are important considerations.”

(Edible Ohio Valley, Vol. No. 38, “Steaks ’n Handshakes”).

As for “on-trend,” we fully believe that the Local Butcher Shop is far more of a Tradition than a Trend!In the words of Howard, Allison’s Grandfather, who was recruited to be the first Supermarket (Piggly Wiggly) in Wisconsin but respectfully declined....  “Why would anybody want to shop at a large impersonal store as opposed to a Specialty Market where everybody knows your name, your familyand your preferred cuts of meats?”  We absolutely agree!