Lehr's Prime Market's History

Lehr’s Prime Market is owned by 2 Milford families, the Homans and the Ackermanns, each with a strong history in the Meat and/or Specialty Market business… collectively more than 200 years to date.  Our strong past has blossomed into a fortunate future with a forward vision promising premier products, superior service and outstanding value coupled with old-fashioned ethics and flavors!

Allison Homan, managing partner, has deep roots in the Butchery and Specialty Market industry.  Her Great-Grandfather, Charlie, established Boehm’s Market, located in the Fox River Valley of Wisconsin, in 1895.  The market initially specialized in Prime Meats.  Her Grandfather, Howard, grew the business into a full-service Specialty Market.  Her Grandmother, Father and Aunts all contributed to the family business AND Allison and her brothers visited every chance they got and were always (willingly) put to work.  As kids, they all made sausages, stocked shelves, bagged groceries and welcomed and thanked every customer.   Boehm’s Market was forever known for their Homemade Sausages, Cut-to-Order Steaks and Customer Camaraderie.  Allison has brought this family ideology, recipes and more, to Lehr’s Prime Market! 

The Ackermanns are local… and local is always good!  Tim Ackermann’s (our partner) Great-Grandfather, Jack, opened Ackermann Corner Bakery and Confectionary in Madisonville in 1911. Five years later, (1916), Tim’s Uncle Gene took over and in 1955, Don Ackermann (Tim’s father) began working for the family business.

Andy Lehr, at that time a meat salesman, asked if he could sell his meats in the Ackermann store in the early 1950’s.  His meats were a success and in July of 1960, Andy Lehr opened the doors to Lehr’s Meats on Baker Drive in Milford.  Don Ackermann came along as his right hand man.  Business was good and in 1977 Andy Lehr bought the building in which Lehr’s Prime Market currently resides…. 740 Main Street, Milford. 

Not only do both families have HISTORY, but the 740 Main Street Building is ripe with it!  The building is now more than 120 years old! Originally it was the end of the Cincinnati Trolley Line. Trollys would end their day here for maintenance. They would come into the store behind our Soda coolers, stop where our Wine Shelves are for maintenance and then continue out of the store through our Beer Cave and Kitchen.  Rumor has it, the next incarnation of the building was a Boxing Ring.  The store center was the actual ring.  There are even showers in the kitchen and the women’s rest room.  Next, our building was a natural gas company and finally, just prior to Lehr’s Meats and ultimately Lehr’s Prime Market, the brick building was a medical swab manufacturer.   

We are fortunate to have both Andy Lehr and Don Ackermann visit frequently.  Andy loves to see the transition and offer marketing advice and impart words of wisdom and historic information.  Don enjoys visiting with the meat cutters, some of which worked for him for years.  

The Homan and Ackermann kids have and continue to work at Lehr’s Prime Market in a variety of roles.  We are proud that Lehr’s Prime Market will continue to be a Local, Family Business who relishes it’s history and looks forward to a vibrant future!  

In the words of Allison’s Grandfather, who was recruited to be the first Supermaket (Piggly Wiggly) in Wisconsin but respectfully declined… “Why would anybody would want to shop at a large impersonal store as opposed to a specialty market where everybody knows their name, their families and their preferred cuts of meats?”   We Agree!