The Sweet Side

Our In-House Bakery Sweets Selection is TIGHT but TREMENDOUS!

We offer Coconut Macaroons to die for, Triple Berry & Nut Tart Pick-ups...YUM! Assorted Cookies, Brownie Bites & Lemon Squares... SOOO Good! AND a variety of Chef's Bountiful Bars -- Unbeatable!  All Chef-Prepared... ALL AMAZING!

Don't forget our Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams, Ice Cream Sandwiches and Fred's Famous Pies!

If you have family favorites that you want made in BULK but no time on your end.... we can bake those for you (with notice of course).

Trying to duplicate a restaurant favorite sweet? We might be able to help! Just want great Old-fashioned Candies, or "Decade" Candies from your past... we can track those down!

Let's talk Sweets!

Lehr's Prime Catering