Lehr's Prime Market catering is casual and completely customizable specifically with your needs in mind. Check out our sample menus.

PRIME Paninis

Panini: n: "a grilled sandwich made with rolls or bread cut horizontally and filled with the deli ingredients. Often served warm after being pressed by a warming grill."  

PRIME PANINI:  n: "an AMAZING Panini with attitude! Chef derived & prepared. Creatively made from fresh PRIME ingredients!" YUM!!!

Please allow for a few additional minutes for these PRIME Panini's to grill to perfection... thank you!


Tre Bocce: $8.5


3 Italian Meatballs made with Pork & Beef and Ricotta & Romano Cheeses are smothered in authentic Marinara Sauce.  Topped with Provolone & Fresh Basil and served on a Prime Baguette, it's a Mafioso mouthful so we cut it in tre (3).


Bootsy Collins: $8


A Classic with a Funky Flair! Chef's PRIME Meatloaf with flavored Mayonnaise, Sharp Cheddar Cheese & Carmelized Onions on Marble Rye is Fabulous, Funky and WOW!


Clooney Panini: $8


The "Swiss" may be neutral, but GEORGE has a stand on EVERYTHING! This grilled sandwich makes a statement like GEORGE but at the same time is an ageless classic like ROSEMARY and fabulously "hammy" like NICK! we start with our famous Schad's Ham and add Amish Swiss Cheese... that's the classic part! THEN, we dress it all up with Marinated Ruby Red Tomatoes, Chef's Secret Sauce and Bakery Vienna Bread. Paparazzi approved and Red Carpet Worthy! 


French Park: $6.50


This Panini is inspired by French Onion Soup... but in satisfying solid form! Swiss Cheese, Bluegrass Bacon and Caramelized Onions all melty and grilled on bakery fresh Vienna Bread. Voila! Bon Appetit!


The Gapper: $7


An Amish Wunder Weiner, coupled with American Cheese, French's Fried Onions and Ballpark Mustard all on a Poppyseed Bun, is an All-Star compared to the amateur hot dogs served at Great American Ballpark!


Howdy Doody: $4.50


This Panini is a Kid Classic and sure to be a Millenium Must! It's simply sensational... Crunchy Peanut Butter, Banana Slices and Traffic Jam on grilled bakery Vienna bread! High-5 to Howdy Doody!!!


Jerry Springer: $7.50


Check this out... Vienna Bread hosts 3 Mega-Melting Cheeses including American, Provolone & Muenster. Add a drizzle of Flavored Olive Oil, Bluegrass Bacon and Fresh Tomato and you will find this panini Crazy Cheesy and worth fighting over!


Lorelei Tuna Melt:  $7


Toasted Focaccia hosts Lehr's Prime Tuna, Ruby Red Roma Tomatoes and 2 Slices of Colby Cheese.  Warmed in the oven, it's open-faced and MMMelty!  The pride of Lake Lorelei!  Yum!


LPM* (Lehr's Prime Market): $12


Because you asked... Our Thick-Cut Prime Rib is rubbed with our chef's own Route 50 Seasoning  and roasted to rare perfection! Sauteed Mushrooms, Melty Provolone and Horsey Mayo make it simply sensational! Warmed on our Panini Grill & dipped in Au Jus, this PRIME sandwich is served on a fresh Pretzel Bun or Talera Roll with French's Fried Onions on the side!  


Nuxhall Panini: $6


Chunky Peanut Butter teamed with Smooth Nutella Hazelnut Spread, Fresh Banana Slices, Bluegrass Bacon and Ohio Clover Honey playing on a bakery Vienna Bread Field and warmed on a Panini Grill. Seriously... who wouldn't round 3rd and go home for this? 


Rouster's Panini: $7


Thin slices of tart Granny Smith Apple paired with Melty Brie Cheese and Lehr's Crisp Bluegrass Bacon is the foundation for a Harvest Fresh Panini. Add a dollop of Traffic Jam on bakery fresh Vienna Bread and you have a sandwich worthy of all seasons! Brings back memories of Rouster's Apple Orchard. This is what new traditions are made of!  YUM!

Please NOTE: Most Sandwiches can become Salads... Just ask!

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