Prime Party

Serves 24 Hungry Friends

Requires Order 48-Hours In Advance

These 12# Prime Party Sandwiches are pre-cut, creating (24) Sizable Sandwiches, OR (48) Appetizer Sandwiches. Presented in an insulated Catering Crate, these Prime Sandwiches are perfect for any Party, Picnic or Tailgate!

Many Sandwiches can become SALADS… Please just ask!

Large Orders & Party Sandwich Orders… Please pre-order 48 hours in advance.  

Late Pick-up Orders…. order before 3 p.m.


This sandwich is Slightly Sassy w/ a Little Kick! Thinly Sliced Buffalo Chicken Deli Meat, Provolone Cheese & Bacon is the foundation. Thinly Sliced Red Onions, Chopped Celery & Crumbled Bleu Cheese add a little flair. Chef’s Secret Buffalo Sauce creates the Sass! Place all on top of a Full Sheet of 16 Bricks Focaccia. and you have a Buffalo Chicken Sandwich worth Cheering for!

the MMMMunoz!

Take your Party from amateur to Professional with the MMMMunoz!  A Full Sheet of 16 Bricks Focaccia is the playing field for Hot Capicola, Garlic Bologna & Hard Salami.

Add a Starting Line-up of an Italian 4-Cheese Blend, Muffuletta, Tomatoes & Fresh Mixed Greens and you have a WINNER!  it’s AMMMMAZING…  Just like Anthony MMMMunoz!


You’ll Scream for this BLT & Muenster on Steroids!

A field of Bluegrass Bacon, Leaf Lettuce & Fresh Rosy Red Tomatoes is complimented w/ Pesto Mayonnaise and Muenster Cheese… All this sandwiched between Fresh 16 Bricks Focaccia and you have a real winner!

Due to the volatile nature of the marketplace, all pricing is subject to change without notice.